Empyrion Exchange Node My!Mod

Empyrion Exchange Node About My!Mod


For Players

Available on Empyrion.fr Serveur

For Administrators of Others Serveurs

As soon as possible (SaaS Solution)


For Players

- Participate in the financing of the server on which you play. Get in exchange a virtual currency linked to the platform.
- Virtual currency is indexed on numbers of Players and Factions connected (PvP ++), Numbers of Structures and others parameters defined by Administrators
- Exchange with different institutions that will offer their services. There are two types of institution. Official institutions at the platform. Players institutions.
- Get real money account statements from the server to see how crowdfunding is progressing. Get virtual money statements from your character, faction, and institutions. Make virtual money transfers.
- Search in multiple databases like Players, Factions, Institutions, Planets, Spaces, POIs and get lots of informations about this. View Factions Ranking PvP
- Publish Informations about your character, your faction, your Institution. Upload Pictures
- Buy lot of services like Transfert IG of CR, Finish BP, Alien Core, Instant Repair, Teleport Pack, Reveal Map, Notifications (eMail + SMS), Admin Box IG
- Use coupons that can be made available by administrators (public or private coupons).
- Use the full integrated messaging system : Send messages to Players, Factions and institutions. Sent via IG Message when recipient is connected or mail or SMS. You can create Templates of Messages, manages folders of Mailbox.
- Put on sale your structures (Fully Automated), services, informations.
- Publish Informations about Planets, Spaces or Moons
- Check out your dashboard and get detailed information about your account, faction, and business. Manage sales and use the actions to buy different services offered.
- View reports, graphs and analytics generated by the server allowing you to easily find the information you are looking for.
- Factions : Full integrated Structure Management System with different stages of Compliance. Structures limits and alerts with SMS.
- Alerts Mail/SMS like : visited structures when players offline, Last visited
- View and manage rules of Server. View Banned Players and reason
- Gift for Moderators
- View Technical Informations about the server (CPU, RAM...)
- Each informations is protected in terms of your rights :
# Administrators of Officials Institutions (Generally Administrator of Server)
# Operators of Officials Institutions (Generally Moderators of Server)
# Administrators of Players Institutions (Players who would like to invest in the server)
# Operators of Players Institutions (Players designed by Administrators of Players Institutions)
# Admin/Founder of Faction
# Player Faction
# Player
# Visitor

For Administrators

- Manage Players (Centralized Players Ban), Users, Factions, Institutions
- Send Newsletters and Manage publiposting
- Manage Services
- Customize page of website
- Manage Virtual currency Transactions
- Configure automated public IG Messages
- Manage and customize limits of factions Structures
- Schedule Wipes, Send IG Public or Faction or Private messages on specific event
- Manage options of Server